Fill out the following form to become a judge at the Bio Cup Canada 2017 only AFTER you have purchased your Judge’s Pass
Click Here to purchase your Judge’s Pass.

*If you are 19 + and a registered medical marijuana user you are welcome you to participate in this event.

Final categories will be determined by the number of final entries. We reserve the right to adjust the categories based on the number of entries we receive.

Judges Score Cards will be included in the Judges Packs. Please submit your Judges Score Card upon entry into the Bio Cup Canada Legends Valley Music Festival.

Q. When is the Bio Cup Canada Awards?
A. The Bio Cup Canada Awards are held on August 27, 2017.

Q. Where are the Bio Cup Canada Awards?
A.The venue is located in Lake Cowichan, British Columbia.

Q. Who is allowed to attend the Bio Cup Canada Awards? *
A. Anyone 19+ may attend the event.

Q. What categories are being awarded at the Bio Cup Canada Awards?
A. We will be awarding first, second and third place trophies in the following categories:

a. Indica
b. Sativa
c. Hybrid

Private Growers
a. Indica
b. Sativa
c. Hybrid

a. Shatter Indica
b. Shatter Hybrid
c. Shatter Sativa
d. Budder
e. Solventless (Dry Sift, Ice Hash, Rosin)

High CBD
a. Flowers
b. Concentrates

Best Edibles
a. Medical Baked Goods
b. Medical Candies
c. Medical Beverages

Best Glass

We will also present one award for Best Overall Booth.

Q. What is included in the Judges Pack?
A. Judges Pack includes: One All Event VIP Pass to the Bio Cup Canada-Legends Valley Music Festival, Judges Samples, Judges Score Card and Judges Schwag Bag.

Q. When are the Judges Packs available?
A. Judges Packs will be available for pick up between Aug 1 – Aug 15th, 2017 in Vancouver. Please email camel(at)bcbuddepot(dot)com or call 1-844 -240-2697 for location info.

Q. How much does it cost to be a Judge? *
A. $600 CDN (including tax).

Q. How do I pay for my Judges Pack?
A. Order your Judges Pass online here while supplies last BEFORE you fill out this form.

For more information please call: 1-844-240-2697 or email camel(at)bcbuddepot(dot)com

Bio Cup Canada 2017 Judges Application

Fill out the following to become a judge at the Bio Cup Canada 2017.
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